My name is David Leen, I am from Killarney in County Kerry and I am 26 years old. Prior to attending the University of Limerick, I completed a FETAC Level 5 course in Multimedia Production. Currently I am studying Digital Media Design in UL. Some of the modules I have already undertaken include Digital and Audio Fundamentals, Media Programming (Processing), Mathematics, Sociology of the Media and Interaction Design.

I have a keen interest in areas such as Graphic Design, Web Design and Video/Audio Production. My interests vary from using software that support these areas like Photoshop, Flash, FCP and so on to doing Web Design and Development. I follow all kinds of sport and enjoy reading, films and TV. I greatly enjoy working and experimenting with various programs such as Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, Adobe Photoshop, Flash and InDesign. In general I love to work with any type of design software and would hope to use the skills I currently have and those I will acquire through my studies to aid and enhance the world of digital media design.



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